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Another round of torsos~ I tried to give this set a bit more variety in body type? Not an easy task, I suppose I still have a lot to learn.

If you enjoy em, please use the idea to help you study. It helped me better understand anatomy while making these. Maybe you can learn from what I’ve studied.

Also, any suggests on another reference sheet? Hands? Hats? Wings? I’ll do my best!

Male torso reference here.

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Britain has perfected the art of forgetting about tea until it is stone cold.

It all starts with the perfect brew. Golden brown, oh so tempting. 

You sip. The fire of a thousand suns descends upon your tongue. Years of tea drinking and you still haven’t learnt.

Set the tea down to cool right there in your eye line.

The distraction! Mentally you couldn’t be further from your tea but you’re rarely drawn away from your tea physically.

The realisation, an hour later, when you discover said tea only one scolding sip missing.

You know it’s cold. It has to be. It has been sat there too long. But you need to test it…

The sip.

The face of disgust as all hope floods away.

You look at the tea, you know deep down it’s your fault but you can’t help yourself, you look at the tea and you blame it.

 Flick the kettle and repeat.

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